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Jablůnka 626

756 23 Jablůnka

Czech Republic



+420 571 452 203

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fax: +420 571 410 937
About us » Company introduction


LUKO STROJÍRNY s. r. o. is a Czech company which is specialised on the manufacturing of machinery. It was founded in 2001 and binds on the long-term tradition of machinery in the Vsetin district. It has nowadays 50 employees, is situated in the area of the previous Zbrojovka Jablunka and belongs to the famous companies in Vsetin district.


The production programme includes both the tradition branches, where first of all the production of the completed assortment of lubricating devices LUKO can be named (lubricating nipples, grease guns, hoses and couplers, squirts and oilers, oil windows) and some groups of the spare parts for textile machines (tunnel reeds, confusers, catchers of yarn, air jets). The new production programme are the metal dosers – the manipulating equipment for the automatic casting lines.

The clientage of our company are both the domestic and the abroad customers, e.g. from Germany and France. LUKO STROJÍRNY s. r. o. disposes with the own equipments and construction capacities and the controling and measuring center.


The long-term priorities of the company LUKO STROJÍRNY s. r. o. are the products of the highest quality, the satisfied customer and the solid and prospering company.






The modern trade changes quickly, the people have possibility to buy in the whole world and the companies can fulfill nearly all wishes of their customers.

From this reason our company has initiated marking our products of lubricating devices by the mark LUKO several years ago. Due to the development of our company, as well as of the mark itself there are nowadays several variations.

This marking performs now our aims and statements on the fields of undertaking and machine industry, which we fully respect since the foundation of our company.  The aims of our Company LUKO STROJÍRNY s.r.o., are: high quality products and services, reliability, the long lasting business relationship and confidence of our employees.


What does our mark mean for our customers:

  - long-lasting tradition in production of lubricating devices and machinery products

  - high quality of each product

  - reliability of products even there, where other products break down

  - assurance of the first class services: the whole proces from ordering up to the expedition of the delivery is provided by experinced persons

    - friendly space for business relations

    - by the purchasing of the product with the mark LUKO the customer gains the assurance of the first class quality product

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